Cryptocurrency Demographics in Norway

Even though it’s the dead of winter in the middle of a crypto winter we couldn’t be more excited about the future of digital asset markets & currencies.

Norway is use to cold conditions, a little winter bite never kept us from moving forward. The team at BitGate remains bullish on the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

Norway Has a Thriving Blockchain Community

It’s no secret we have a burgeoning startup ecosystem here with a big focus on distributed ledger technology, and the numbers don’t lie.

A recent survey conducted by Norstat shows that around 5 percent of the population over 18 years old in Norway owns some form of cryptocurrency, and like many areas of the world when it comes to tech, men are highly overrepresented.

The Data Spoke To Us

In researching more information about the current usage of cryptocurrency for our users in Norway we stumbled upon a treasure trove of data just like this.

We decided to pull it all together and create this infographic that represents the demographics of cryptocurrency in Norway by age groups, gender as well as population and popularity of coins.

It is interesting to note that Bitcoin still reigns supreme by a large margin as the most popular digital asset by far in Norway, with Ethereum close behind and BCH, Ripple and EOS taking the remaining market share.

Cryptocurrency Demographics in Norway

If you would like to share this infographic on your blog or news media site, you are free to do so all we ask is that you cite as the source.

Takk skal du ha! 😊 🇳🇴 ❤️

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