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Now you can finally send Bitcoin for free. After years of development & research, BitGate is now available in Norway. Click one of the buttons below to download the app for Android or iOS.

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BitGate offers a fundamentally more secure cryptocurrency wallet with custodial services and the national level KYC/AML compliance.


Easy and fast registration. Buy Bitcoin through your mobile and send directly to your contacts in seconds.


Unlock the power of your commerce, acquire cryptocurrency with low fees and exchange through integrated services.

Zero to crypto
in 60 seconds

BitGate is a mobile wallet for cryptocurrency that allows users to buy, sell, secure and send digital currency to their contacts at the speed of light.

  • Enter Your BankID

    Our partnership with BankID allows you to instantly onboard with a simple and familiar electronic ID process in under a minute.

  • Confirm Your Information

    We utilize BankID, BitGo and Chainalysis data to offer our users a KYC/AML compliant environment for their Assets.

  • Buy & Store Cryptocurrency

    Buy Bitcoin in seconds with BankID via open banking and send KYC and AML compliant assets instantly from your phone using SMS.

The New Standard In Cryptocurrency Wallets

BitGate offers lightning fast registration with the highest compliance & security standards in the entire blockchain industry.

What people are saying

OsloFinTech Fest: Future of FinTech & Banking
BitGate wins Norwegian Fintech “Newcomers” Award
OsloFinTech Fest: Future of FinTech & Banking
Olav Småriset, CEO, BitGate
“There are many synergies between BitGate and HandleKrypto. By aligning the objectives of both companies we can offer more and better services to our users and strengthen our approach towards compliance and automation.”
Olav Småriset, CEO, BitGate
Manuel Lains, Head of Product, BitGate
“There has never been a more important time than today to provide people with accessible financial services that are efficient and easy to use.”
Manuel Lains, Head of Product, BitGate


We work with some of the most trusted companies in the blockchain and fintech industry.

Signicat and BitGate

BitGate Services AS is approved by The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (Finanstilsynet) as a cryptocurrency exchange and storage provider. BitGate uses BankID & Chainalysis to comply with the most stringent KYC and AML compliance standards, and works with the leader in digital asset custody BitGo to provide the best in security.