BitGate implements welcome gift and referral bonus

BitGate implements welcome gift and referral bonus!

We are now introducing a welcome gift in Bitcoin worth NOK 25 to all new users, as well as a referral bonus worth NOK 25 for each user you recruit.

The welcome gift is received by all new users as they log in to BitGate for the first time. You will receive a welcome gift whether you have been recruited by a friend, or joined on your own initiative. You can earn a referral bonus by recruiting new users by sending bitcoin from BitGate. See Rules and Restrictions below.

What is BitGate?

BitGate is a digital wallet for mobile phones. With BitGate you can buy, sell, store, and send bitcoin to friends. Your BitGate account and balance are secured with your BankID. To get started, use the links below to download the app on iOS or Android, and create your account easily by logging in with BankID.

  • Send Bitcoin to a friend: With BitGate you can send Bitcoin for free to everyone* in Norway with a phone number.
  • Your friend will receive an SMS: The message contains the amount you sent and instructions for installing BitGate.
  • You will receive the referral bonus: You get the welcome bonus when they have logged in to BitGate with BankID on mobile. Your friend will receive the amount you sent in addition to the welcome gift!

BitGate is in beta. This means that the service is still under development, but the main features are in place; Buying, Selling, Sending, Receiving and Storing bitcoin. Purchases and sales are carried out automatically with BankID to and from your bank account. Automatic withdrawal and deposit to external cryptocurrency wallet is not activated.

Welcome gift

Install BitGate (beta) for Android or iOS and log in with BankID to receive your welcome gift:

  • For Android (Google Play Store): Install the App in Play Store by clicking here.
  • For iOS (Apple App Store): Install the App in App Store by clicking here to install it.
  • Log in with BankID: The first thing you need to do when you start the app is to log in with BankID on mobile or code unit. After going through the registration steps, you will enter the App where your welcome gift awaits.

Were you already a BitGate user when the welcome gift was introduced? Do not despair, instead of the welcome gift you should already have received a separate bonus of NOK 50 as a thank you for your support.

Referral Bonus

Recruiting a new user could not be easier! From the BitGate app, you send a bitcoin amount to a phone number that belongs to the person you want to recruit. When the person has logged in and registered in BitGate, you will immediately receive your referral bonus. Please note that the person must meet certain requirements in order to be accepted as a BitGate user (See rules and restrictions below).

To refer a friend:

  1. You send a Bitcoin amount to your friend’s phone number.
  2. Your friend receives an SMS informing you that you have sent an amount and an explanation of how he / she can get started with BitGate
  3. Your friend logs in, registers in the BitGate app, and receives the amount you sent. At the same time you receive your referral bonus.

Download BitGate now from Play Store or App Store

Rules and Restrictions *

  • Value of welcome bonus: NOK 25
  • Value of referral bonus: NOK 25
  • Value of bonus for existing users: NOK 50
  • All bonuses and gifts are converted to the equivalent value in bitcoin and are added as a balance in your wallet.
  • A referral bonus will only be paid once per person, even if a person has more than one telephone number.
  • If several users try to recruit the same person, the person who first sent the person an amount will receive the recruitment bonus.
  • To use BitGate, you must be resident in Norway, have a Norwegian telephone number and Norwegian BankID.
  • BitGate reserves the right, at any time, or for any reason, to change the offer in part or in full.

Got something on your mind?

We greatly appreciate your feedback! If you have an error to report, or just a comment or question, you can easily send it to us in the app, under Settings => Customer Support => Feedback.

You can also submit feedback via this link.

About BitGate

BitGate is a digital wallet for mobile phones that allows Norwegians to buy, sell, store and send virtual currency easily and quickly using electronic ID solutions and AML tools. BitGate Services AS is registered with the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority as an exchange and storage service for virtual currency.

If you are interested in getting involved, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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