BitGate is now officially launched!

BitGate goes live!

After a few months of testing, we are now pleased to announce that the beta period is over and BitGate has been officially launched. This means that the app is available both in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store! Based on good feedback from our users, we had a focus on making it easier for new users to register and use the app in this update.

There are three improvements in particular that we would like to highlight:

  1. BitGate is now officially launched: This means that you can search for and download the BitGate app directly in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, without signing up for the beta program.
  2. Upgraded user interface: We have improved and simplified the user interface so that it is now easier to understand and use the app.
  3. BankID code unit support: It is now possible to register in BitGate with a BankID code unit (previously BankID on mobile was required when registering).

We remind you that all new users will receive a welcome gift worth NOK 25, which you receive the first time you log in to the app. In addition to the welcome gift, you can also receive a referral reward of NOK 25 for each new user you invite to BitGate. You can easily invite a new user by sending a transaction to a Norwegian telephone number, this is described in detail here.

To get started, use the links below to download the app on iOS or Android, and create your account by registering with BankID or BankID on mobile. You can also search for BitGate in the App Store and Play Store.

Use BitGate to

  • Buy and sell Bitcoin directly with your bank account: With Open Banking, you can add one or more bank accounts to BitGate and easily use them when buying or selling Bitcoin.
  • Send Bitcoin directly to friends and family: Send directly to everyone in Norway with a telephone number. If you send to someone who does not have a BitGate account, the person will simply receive an SMS, and the amount will be there in BitGate at the first login.
  • Store Bitcoin with easy BankID login: The wallet is linked to your BankID and you need to remember neither passwords nor keys. Setting up an optional PIN code or fingerprint provides extra security on your mobile.

We remind you that some services, such as automatic deposit and withdrawal of Bitcoin, are not activated. New features will be added to the service over time, based on demand from our users.

Download BitGate now in the App Store or Play Store

We greatly appreciate your feedback! If you have an error to report, or just a comment or question, you can easily send it to us in the app, under Settings => Customer Support => Feedback. You can also submit feedback via this link. We plan to provide an extra thank you to those who are most active in giving good feedback, more information coming soon.

About BitGate

BitGate is a digital wallet for mobile phones that allows Norwegians to buy, sell, store and send virtual currency easily and quickly using electronic ID solutions and AML tools. BitGate Services AS is registered with the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority as an exchange and storage service for virtual currency.

If you are interested in getting involved, or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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