Easier tax calculation!

Here at BitGate, we want to make taxes easier for our users. Read here how you can easily get control of your cryptocurrency tax.

You can now download your transaction history as a CSV file. You can put this file in a spreadsheet to get an overview of all your trades and transactions. Or you can load the CSV file into a tax reporting tool. Here in Norway, we have a tool called Kryptosekken. Here you can import the BitGate CSV file. Kryptosekken calculates your tax for you and gives you the information you need for your tax return.

To download your history as a CSV file, navigate to “Services” in the BitGate app. Here you get a new option called «Transaction History». Here you can have the file sent to you by e-mail, or open it in an app you have on your phone.

All Norwegian citizens have an obligation to track and report their cryptocurrency transactions. We in BitGate want to make this as easy as possible for our users. Now that you have learned how to download your transaction history, we recommend that you put this is in a tax reporting tool, such as Kryptosekken. This will give you the information the tax authorities need, and a file to put in your tax return. However, we do not take responsibility for any miscalculations with Kryptosekken or other tax reporting tools. Contact them, in case of any error.

We hope this new feature will help, and that you get a successful tax report. 🙂

Here you can read more about the tax rules for cryptocurrencies in Norway.

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