Last Call for Initial Signups

It is now less than a week remaining of the first phase of signups for BitGate! The last day of registrations will be October 26th. We are grateful to the 700+ people who have signed up so far. We have been hard at work getting the BitGate app ready for everyone. (Android & iOS). BitGate will have gradual onboarding of new users, so if you want early access to the invite-only beta, please sign up at the following link: We are excited to get the BitGate App out there so everyone can experience cryptocurrencies and digital assets first-hand. If you are among the first BitGate users, we are especially grateful for your testing and feedback. If you are interested in working with us, or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]


BitGate is a Mobile Digital Wallet App that allows Norwegian users to Buy, Sell, Store and Send digital currencies fast and easy using compliant electronic ID solutions. Is it licensed by the Norwegian FSA to operate virtual currency custody, payment and exchange services.


HandleKrypto is a Norwegian web-based digital currency exchange that offers fast, automated conversion between hundreds of cryptocurrencies. It is also licensed by the Norwegian FSA to operate Fiat-to-Crypto exchange services and current conversions between NOK and BTC/ETH/BCH/LTC.

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