BitGate merges with exchange HandleKrypto and secures FSA Norway license

During Q1 2020 a merger was carried out between BitGate and HandleKrypto. As BitSpace portfolio companies, HandleKrypto and BitGate have already been cooperating for about a year, but this latest move ensures full integration of teams and alignment of goals between the two companies.

Recently, both the Bitgate Wallet and the HandleKrypto Exchange acquired virtual currency service licenses from the Financial Authorities in Norway. As a result, the BitGate Group now includes two regulated consumer-oriented product companies with a slightly different focus. The BitGate wallet App offers easy and secure custody and exchange services for Digital Currencies on mobile, while HandleKrypto offers a web based lightweight and low-threshold exchange service.

Serial entrepreneur and HandleKrypto founder Olav Småriset is joining BitGate as CEO to strategically align the companies and take the lead in creating a new ecosystem under the BitGate Digital Finance Group. The BitGate Group will work towards expanding digital currency financial services and take a unified approach towards compliance, data privacy and international expansion.

Following these developments, the BitGate Digital Finance Group is positioned to take a leading role in the development of novel Digital Finance services and applications in Norway and the Nordics.

“Olav Småriset has a proven track record as an entrepreneur. He understands the competitive advantages and goals of both companies, and the opportunities in unification. There has never been a more important time than today to provide people with accessible financial services that are efficient and easy to use.”
– Manuel Lains, Chairman & Co-Founder, BitGate

“There are many synergies between BitGate and HandleKrypto. By aligning the objectives of both companies we can offer more and better services to our users and strengthen our approach towards compliance and automation.”
– Olav Småriset, Founder & CEO, HandleKrypto


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BitGate is a digital wallet Mobile App that allows Norwegian users to buy, sell, store and send digital currencies fast and easy using compliant electronic ID solutions. Is it licensed by the Norwegian FSA to operate virtual currency custody, payment and exchange services.


HandleKrypto is a Norwegian web-based digital currency exchange that offers fast, automated conversion between hundreds of cryptocurrencies. It is also licensed by the Norwegian FSA to operate fiat to crypto exchange services.

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